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Homesexual pokemon

I used to be straight...

Flaafy is both gay AND European. She loves any and all outdoor activities, including hot yoga, which no one should like.

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Gourgeist is the lesbian who works at your local coffee shop. Scrafty is a lesbian who is all Homesexual pokemon the fitness.

Kangashkan is a take charge kind of lesbian.

There might be gay Pokemon...

Machamp is the kind of gay man who cares more about his dick pics "Homesexual pokemon" he does about anything else. He lives at the gym and makes it his job to keep his body right and tight. He may not be the smartest or kindest guy, but he looks great naked.

And that counts for something, right?

Rapidash is 2 Fab 2 Not Be Gay. Hypno is one of those distinguished homosexuals with a K and brandy collection.

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