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Real life online dating success stories


So after walking away from a 4. I met a pretty fantastic chap. We met on Eharmony, emailed for a week, texting and emailing constantly. We then had an epic 12 hour date and have been together ever since. Which means, lots more time together. We had really open, frank discssusions about what we both want from the future. Even on our first Real life online dating success stories we were telling it straight and laying out what we want from life, as neither of us wanted to waste our time.

So are going to carry on with this getting to know each other, loving each other, falling deeper in love stage and towards the end of the year, we plan to start looking for a place together.

I know you can never been certain, but I am pretty sure, he is the one. So, same page, currently having a great time, looking forward to what the future brings.

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So… tell me your stories ladies. When did you meet, what was your first date like, how long have you been together, have you gone on to get married and have kids etc? Love to hear about timescales. My fiance and I met through Instagram, oddly enough. He just innocently liked a view of my pictures, that he had found via my hashtags.

He had his screen name for a chat service on his IG profile, so I messaged him to say thanks. After a few weeks we meet half way between where we were both living. We had an amazing first day. Marathon date we like to call it. He showed up with beautiful flowers. I moved 4 hours across "Real life online dating success stories" state to live with him at the end of August, that same year.

Fast, yes, but being away from him was like my heart was ripped out! We are planning our wedding now.

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I met a few nice guys, but I starting talking to my Darling Husband in Decemberand we met up in January and had ice cream. He had his city listed as the same as mine, but I came to find out through my mom, who subbed music at the school for him, that he actually lived 75 miles away. We talked for 3 hours over ice cream, and he invited me back to his place Real life online dating success stories supper. We ate ribs, listened to jazz music, and I left.

We had another date 3 days later in which I went to his place and played Call of Duty, and that kind of sealed the relationship deal. I also got a speeding ticket on the long drive back becuase I was so tired and just wanted to get home. We had a really rocky first few months, but 5 months in everything completely changed, and we became inseperable.

In September of we got engaged, got married in Julyand we just had a son at the end of March. My husband and I met through world of warcraft, so not a dating site, but still online. He was literally my knight in shining armor: I was getting my butt handed to me in Zangarmarsh pulled too many mobs and he came and healed me up on his holy pally lol.

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