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Validating feelings

How to Validate Someone's Feelings....

Basic Steps to Validation. Haim Ginott's Book Notes - Contains many good examples of validation Validating feelings invalidation. A link to a site that talks about validation as a theory of helping elderly people. Core Components of EQI. One of the most important emotional skills is the skill of validation.

It is a skill because it can be learned. Whether it is or ever will be part of the academic or corporate measures of emotional intelligence, I really don't know. But I do know that if you want to Validating feelings better relationships with people, the skill of emotional validation Validating feelings extremely useful. The relationship will be better because with more validation you are going to have less debating, less conflicts, and less disagreement.

You will also find that validation opens people up and helps them feel free to communicate with you. In fact, if there is a communication breakdown, if there is a wall between you and someone else, it probably has been built with the bricks of invalidation.

Validation is the means of chipping away at the wall and opening the free flow of communication. To validate someone's feelings is first to accept someone's feelings. Next, it is "Validating feelings" understand them, and finally it is to nurture them. To validate is to acknowledge and accept one's unique identity and individuality. Invalidationon the other hand, is to reject, ignore, or judge their feelings, and hence, their individual identity.

When we validate someone, Validating feelings allow them to safely share their feelings and thoughts. We are reassuring them that it is okay to have the feelings they have. We are demonstrating that we will still accept them after they have shared their feelings. We let them know that we respect their perception of things at that moment.

We help them feel heard, acknowledged, understood and accepted. Sometimes validation entails listening, sometimes it is a nod or a sign of agreement or Validating feelings, sometimes it can be a hug or a gentle touch.

Sometimes it means being patient when the other person is not ready to talk. Acknowledging the other person's feelings Identifying the feelings Offering to listen see EQ-Based Listening Helping them label the feelings Being there for them; remaining present physically and emotionally Feeling patient Feeling accepting and non-judgmental. Here are some Validating feelings ways to validate someone when they talking to you and they are Validating feelings upset, hurt, sad etc.

Awww Yeah Mmm I hear you.

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That hurts That's not good That's no fun. Wow, that's "Validating feelings" lot to deal with I would feel the same way. That sounds like it would really hurt That must really hurt. I know just what you mean. I would feel the same way.

I can understand how you feel.