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Beyonces new album is too sexual


Everything you do and say will become the greatest thing anyone has ever done or said, that is until the next thing you do or say. Beyonce does not occupy this category alone, but due to her race and her dancing ability, she stands at the pinnacle of it. None of this is unique to her, of course. Everything in pop culture is a franchise now, including pop singers.

It certainly is not interested in expressing anything true or beautiful or good or difficult or joyous or painful.

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But, as I said, I could lob that criticism at most of what we consume in this culture. So much of it is bland, superficial, repetitious, existing for its own sake. Devoured quickly, with little intellectual effort, leaving you still hungry and slightly nauseated.

In honor of Beyonce's sexual...

The Pieta is a lump of Play-Doh in comparison. Especially when mixed with racial exploitation. These are lofty titles for anyone to fit, so how close does Beyonce come?

That last lesson is actually not bad culinary advice, but the others seem a bit hazardous. And this is the kind of thing that, based on my interactions, many mothers want their daughters to hear and take to heart.

Over the weekend, pop singer...

The Christians have Christ, ancient pagans had Apollo, the modern pagans have Beyonce and her fellow deities in Hollywood and the recording industry.

And the real danger is that this deification and worship is not an accident. Modern pop artists specifically call for it.

Beyonce celebrates herself in every insufferable song and invites the listener to do the same.

Over the weekend, pop singer...

Beyonces new album is too sexual The sadomasochism of pop music is probably one of its most bizarre Beyonces new album is too sexual. This is what spiritually poisonous music can do to a person. Indeed, music is and has always been a powerful art form, but in a country where the pews are empty, it becomes a religion. She is worshiping at an altar.

She is adopting an ideology. She is learning things. The opinions expressed in this channel are solely those of each individual author.

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