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Where is durango mexico


Durango is both a state in north-central Mexico and the name of the capital city of that state. John Ford shot some of his most famous Western movies in the state of Durango, and John Where is durango mexico acquired such an affinity for the place that he built his personal home, Rancho de la Joya, there.

Horse rides and wagon rides are available, after which you can grab a bite to eat at a Western-themed restaurant and do a little shopping.

Just over a mile north is another Western set at Chupaderos, where professional actors role-play heroes and villains. Next to A-list actors, venomous scorpions are probably the most famous denizens of Durango. The local citizens seem to have made their peace with the scorpion population, even adopting the critter as the team mascot of the soccer team, Alacranes de Durango.

The scorpion has been added to the menu, too, as a flavorant for mezcal, the popular agave-based liquor.

You can also try a scorpion taco or two. The Durango region is becoming increasingly renowned for its eco-tourism opportunities. Camping is permitted, or stay in one of the inexpensive cabins for the night. Be sure to bring clothing suited to the cool temperatures of this high-altitude spot. Though skeptics may scoff, aficionados of weird phenomena may just want to investigate for themselves. The most spectacular views of the Sierra Madre Where is durango mexico mountain range in Durango can be found from El Espinazo del Diablo The Backbone of the Devila road bordered by steep cliffs and deep ravines.

As the road climbs higher, the temperature sinks lower; by the time you reach Durango City, you will most likely be ready for a stiff drink and a hot bath. But while the Espinazo hugs the mountainous terrain up and down narrow cliff edges, 40D takes a more direct path approximately miles straight through the mountains via tunnels and cable-stayed bridges.

One of the greatest feats of bridge engineering anywhere in the world, it spans a third of a mile over a quarter-mile drop to the Baluarte River below. The Durango region has long been fertile Where is durango mexico for revolution and rebellion. Though the Spanish conquistadors conquered the territory inthe indigenous Tepehuanes and northern Tarahumara tribes, later joined by Apaches from farther north, formed a resistance to the European colonists and stirred up things for generations.

Durango officially Victoria de Durango...

Bythe native rebellion became so formidable that the Mexican federal government sent troops in Where is durango mexico attempt to crush it for good. In the wake of this governmental show of force, the people of Durango, undeterred from their defiant stance, needed strong leaders for the resistance.

They found one such hero in the person of Pancho Villa. The museum offers an excellent assortment of artifacts, graphics, videos, settings and models, as well as stunning mural artwork. Well-informed, English-speaking guides are available. The city takes justifiable pride in its architecture.

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