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Falah bin zayed al nahyan wife sexual dysfunction


The disclosure of various U. Perhaps no one royal emerged more embarrassed by this U. According to the Dec. This is apparently but one example of the drastic measures the Sheik Mohammed bin Rasheed al Maktoum of Dubai is willing to take in order to salvage the reputation of his favorite son and designated heir.

Dubai is something of a geopolitical anomaly. While most people presume its either a sovereign nation or city state, its technically neither. Instead, Dubai exists as a semi-autonomous kingdom, or emirate, within a federation of such kingdoms known as the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is both the name of the kingdom and its capital city. One can always hope! Woo hoo…you are BACK!!! I have never heard of these people and really must start following the Middle Eastern Royals more.

They sound like quite a fun group. I believe the bisexual rumors, it makes me glad about him being liberal privately and sexually. He kinda looslie the type of dude who would go both ways, lol. Does it involve anything about gender roles perhaps? I know this is old gossip from last year but its still interesting to note.

I mean he claims to be a prophet for christ sakes, lol. Any info on "Falah bin zayed al nahyan wife sexual dysfunction" brother Rashid and bro in laws, Mansour and Nasser? This UAE watcher cannot wait for more info! The Abu Dhabi RF would be interesting to look into. Hamdan bin Mohammed has never been removed from public duties and has a good reputation in Dubai.

Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum has had numerous problems which led to his father cutting him off from public duties. Rashid is the one that is rumored to employ the services of many prostitutes. Wikileaks mentions that Rashid was cut off from public duties because he murdered an assistant. Here is the link. Concerning Hamdan, my source of information concerning his rumored sexual proclivities was an excellent one.

The Wikileaks cables actually mention both Rashid and Hamdan. Omg i cant believe this!! Is this Falah bin zayed al nahyan wife sexual dysfunction true?? Are these rumours or is their real evidence?? I did not think he was like that. I thought he was prince charming!! Of course, I never saw them together, but a subsequent inquiry on my part corroborated much of what my friend told me. With that stated, the claims made in the post are rumors and are stated as such.

I stand by what I wrote, but I was not there to witness anything I wrote about in this post personally, therefore I cannot state them as incontrovertible facts.

House of Al Nahyan

However, I trust my sources for this article. Once again, I cannot under any circumstances reveal them!!!!!!!!!