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Twenty four hours in Ibadan is nowhere near enough, but if that is all Watch kijipa ife online dating time you have, our specially designed itinerary will help you make the most of every minute. Besides being a city of many Firsts, Ibadan has a long, fascinating history and a vibrant heritage that offers visitors an intriguing glimpse into the Nigerian culture. Nightlife Once that infamous Ibadan sunshine starts to dim for the night, you will find plenty of ways to keep that heat cranked up.

Although it has a reputation for its numerous bush bars and affordable pubs, this is a small portion of what the city has to offer. Kunmi Owopetu Photography assistance: Paul Aniekan Williams Location: Explore Discover the very best of things to do, see and places to visit while in Ibadan including an exclusive feature on the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

WEB For more pictures, facts, places, events, general information and listing go to www. Few editions are planned in advance, but initial ideas for this edition began almost six months ago. Determined to bring you the best Ibadan has to offer, we wanted to make this issue a truly Watch kijipa ife online dating one. This fifth edition of the magazine will be our first guide for this year and trust us, it is somethng special.

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From exclusive events and exciting attractions to a never before seen exclusive on the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITAwe have packed this edition to the hilt with the best Ibadan has to offer. To cope with technological advancements, we hope to launch our mobile app in the nearest future which will allow our readers access premium information about the city in only a few clicks.

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