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Beauty and the Geek is a reality television series that is an international franchise, the U. S version is shown on The CW. The show's title is a parody of the titled film and TV series Beauty and the Beast. For the fourth season, the producers modified the formula to include an extra team consisting of a male "beauty" and a female "geek". For the fifth season, the beauties and geeks competed against each other at first, and teams of one beauty and one geek were not selected until the end of episode three.

Each beauty lives together in a room with her geek during the course of the competition. The winners of the challenges select two teams to compete against each other in a pure "quiz show" type question and answer session: By the end of the competition, many of the contestants say that they have learned much about interacting with people from a different social group and positive lessons about the character of people from that grouppositive things about themselves Nerd to nerd dating show their own character, and often something about human nature in general.

Beauty and the Geek is...

The two-hour season premiere for the third season aired Wednesday, January 3, at 8: Beauty and the Geek was renewed for a fifth season, which premiered on March 12, After the fifth season, the show was put on indefinite hiatus in order to stoke renewed interest in the show, and perhaps the addition of innovative twists to the format.

Mindi promised Richard that if they won the competition, she would make out with him. On the aftermath show, Lauren attempted to make out with Richard, but Richard refused. After the host asked Richard the question that Richard lost with, Mindi, feeling confident of Richard not knowing the answer again, promised a make out session. Mindi initially was struggling with the notion, but stood up and made out with Richard.

It was a quick French kiss with some tongue action. Original partners Chris and Amanda won the first week's quiz challenge and Nerd to nerd dating show given the power to switch the partner of one team Nerd to nerd dating show another team or they themselves can switch partners. They choose the latter and broke up the team of Brandon and Tristin. All previously eliminated contestants were brought back to spend one more night in the mansion and to assess which of the final two teams had undergone the most personal change.

Cecille was enraged by the twist, ranting to Nate about how unfair it was that the "losers" would get to decide their fate, and when Nate said she should try to make amends with them she expressed disgust with him.

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Nate, who by that point decided that winning would only Nerd to nerd dating show Cecille's behavior, eventually asked contestants to vote against him; this was difficult for most of the cast as they genuinely liked him and wanted him to win but also tied into their collective anger over Cecille's bad behavior. This led to Megan and Scooter winning 7 to 2, with the remaining contestants not voting once a majority had been reached.

Megan and Scooter and the other eliminated cast members reunite to talk about their experiences on the show and what is in store for Nerd to nerd dating show in the future.

Cecille was bitter over losing at the end, claiming that no one in the show could have really changed and that they were stupid for thinking they could. Season 4 featured several changes and was by far the most controversial one. One male beauty is paired with one female geek, but the rest of the pairs remained the same way i. This was also the first season to have a pair voted out Natalie and John on week 8 instead of eliminated through a quiz, which sparked some controversy, much like Sam's previous experience in show business, despite the fact that many other beauties had some previous acting experience as well.

Beauty and the Geek ()...

In episode 6 the geeks have their make-overs. For the first time, the show's winner was decided by America's votes, four months after the taping of the first 12 episodes. Season 5 premiered on March 11,taking over the timeslot of Reaper. The remaining beauties and geeks then paired off to compete against the other pairs, as in previous seasons.

John, Amber and Jillian were all eliminated before the teams paired. Jonathan was left without a partner and was therefore eliminated. It was then revealed that if the team lost Nerd to nerd dating show new member would be automatically eliminated. Tara, the last beauty, chose Joe, Nerd to nerd dating show Jonathan since he was left with no partner. The four remaining teams had to send one team to elimination for the next week and had chosen Tara and Joe after a geek drag fashion show contest.

Since the teams all had one vote, Tommy and Amanda picked Kristina and Jason as a tie breaker, sending them home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Australian version of the show, see Beauty and the Geek Australia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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