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Bipolar dating another bipolar


Warnings fall on deaf ears. Betrayal is triggering, to say the least. It can be tricky. On the other hand, a strong bond with someone who shares your challenges can be the most meaningful, supportive, enduring relationship ever.

One boyfriend with bipolar disorder...

One boyfriend with bipolar disorder struggled with substance abuse. I let it slide. He remained depressed and stole my money to buy drugs.

He was smoking up a storm while I was at work. When I figured it out he refused to leave. I had to call the cops to remove him. By then he was out on the balcony, threatening to jump from the 12th floor. Luckily, they talked him down; saving his life. They have known your partner much longer than you have so they can provide a helpful historical perspective. Most families can and will support you if a situation gets too dicey; threatening your recovery.

Build on the shared desire to stay well. Your varying interests can lead to activities you both will enjoy! My husband is fascinated by the Civil War.

When we visited relatives in Kentucky, we visited local historical sites and had a ball! During tough times, faith may be the only thing between Bipolar dating another bipolar loved one and a disastrous decision. Intoxicants can interfere with your medications. The combination is no good no matter which way you spin it.

One prospective partner lied about his sexuality. Bipolar dating another bipolar vigilance Bipolar dating another bipolar guarded optimism are crucial when both people in a couple are striving for ongoing recovery.

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