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Dating algerian women


Hi, I'm an engineer. I know an Algerian Dating algerian women, she is really nice,educated,beautiful,religious and seemed good to me from behind the computer.

We have plans for marriage in the future, but before this. I have plans for coming to Algier in Feburary I want to meet her in real. I will be coming for days. She wants me to come to Algier to meet her.

I wanted to see, if this relationship can be possible, will we be able to live together and understand each other in the future also. I have to spends more than a thousand dollar for all the expense. Is this a good idea? Should I go for her? I mean, when I talk about this, people say you are crazy and find some women in your country,city. You must concentrate on your life, a women would automatically come into your life, that Algerian women wants me to take her into some developed country not in Algeria or to Pakistan.

As I'm a Pakistani. Well, I'm living a good life in Pakistan, my carrier is Dating algerian women great and Dating algerian women is my job.

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I'm happy for all that I have and in the near future, I would have my own company too, so I will be looking after my own work. I also have plans for post graduation and research related regarding my field. Well, I have no problem in living into any part of the Dating algerian women. What do you people suggest? I saw your post and thought we had some things in common.

I am engaged to an algerian woman. And, I don't know anybody else in my situation. I am an american man living in arizona. I had a great time visiting her and her family. And, I recommend that you learn Dating algerian women lot about their culture. The family can get very complicated with cultural and religious rules.

My fiances mother still does not accept me but her father does. This may be the hardest part for you. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions. Hi Jim, Yes, we have things in common. I'm 24 year old guy, how old are you and how old is she?

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Did religon created any problem between you and her? Are Algerian people broad minded and easy going? Will you take her to Arizona or live with her in Algeria?

I'm sure,you must have enjoyed a great time in Algeria with her. How much time, did you spent with her. I had asked the question about her parents acceptance about me,she said no problem, I have the guts for that.

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My Algerian women wants me to take her to US,Japan,Austria,Australia or to any other developed country, beside I myself want to marry into a mixed culture.

I think life would become fantastic. She can speak Arab,French,English. I think, I will also learn alot from "Dating algerian women." Hi umeri, Nice to get your message. There is an age difference between my fiance and myself. I am 44 and she is This has been a big problem with her mother. Algeria has some really nice people but some of the people are really nosey and very pushy.

So, I don't think algerian people are broad minded and easy going. She lives in a smaller city called Annaba. In Algiers, the culture should be more open and modern.

I was in Annaba for 2 weeks and had a great time with her but a lot of people would stare and the men would get very jealous. The men are very aggresive about meeting women in Algeria. So, the women need to be strong and ignore a lot. This was not all of the people but we had a problem every day with this. My fiance can speak English, Dating algerian women, Hindi, some German and arabic. The important thing with your fiance is if u trust her. The women in Algeria will stay with the man they really love all of their life and I believe it.

Hi Jim, you seems like a nice man. Yes, you are very true about the problem with parents. Recently, her mother saw her talking on phone with Dating algerian women. She asked who is Umar? I hope to convience her parents and her family, when Dating algerian women go there.

I hope to convience them up as being nice,good and best for her. Tell me, Is your religion and your fiance religion same? I think Algerian people make issue of this, if it's not compatible. Does your fiance really loves you? Will she be willing to do anything for you? Were you single through out all your life? I'm asking because she asked me, she asked about previous relation with any women.

She asked about girl friend and personal things. She even had asked if I see porn or ever had seen porn before. Why men are aggressive in meeting women in Algeria? Do you mean the women's father,brother,cousin get angry or you mean anybody I found on the street,shops,resturants,etc.

Tell me about the driving in Algeria. Did you use the International Driving license or you made a local license there in Annaba? Should I tell the purpose of my visit at the Algerian embassy. I'm afraid any Algerian man at the embassy would reject me first before her parents does, as you earlier said they are not broad minded and get angry when we meet their women! I hope VISA doesn't bother me.

Fortunately, we are both Muslim. But for us Dating algerian women mother was bad about the age difference. Finally, just last week the father said that he supports my fiance and wants her to marry me. This changed the mother Dating algerian women lot. My fiance is modern and accepts that I am divorced without children. And, she accepts that I had girlfriends in my past and really doesn't want to know about it.

She is not a typical Algerian woman. Sometimes, they try to touch and walk with them I would never drive there. It is very different from the usa. Dating algerian women am going to do the American fiance visa. Fortunately, her father supports this.

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Dating algerian women I am hoping for her interview in march or april and bringing her here in June. How long do u know ur algerian woman? It sounds like she still is trying to know u better and hasn't accepted u yet for marriage. The algerians have many rules to accept sombody to marry and bring into their family.

But, once she trusts u. I think Algeria is a muslim country. Majority are muslims there.

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